Sunday, 1 January 2017

Watch Gujarati Natak Parnine Pastaya Online

Watch Parnine Pachtaya : Gujarati Comedy Natak. A comedy stage play that revolves around Madhur and his typical homemaker wife, Jaya. Madhur wants his wife, Jaya to look fashionable and be as romantic as him, but Jaya is a religious fanatic and bogged down with daily chores, who has no time for romance and refuses to oblige her husband. Madhur unhappy about this, has an affair with his secretary Rekha and also gets married to her. Suchak, who is Jaya’s best friend and her well-wisher, advices her to teach Madhur a lesson. Now, Jaya decides to pass on the entire household responsibilities to Rekha. Will Jaya ever succeed in teaching her husband a lesson? Will Rekha be able to handle the challenges in her new life? Will Madhur realize his mistakes? Enjoy this, comical drama ‘Parnine Pachtaya’!

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