Sunday, 1 January 2017

Tame Fool Ame Colourful Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: It is the story of a woman who brings together a group of people who are fed up of their lives. With the help of a drama director she brings happiness back into their lives. She tries to bring back the people by helping and solving them with different solutions to bring back the happiness in everyone’s life.Watch this hilarious and social comedy play featuring famous artists like Ashish Bhatt, Hitesh Sampat and many more.
Cast: Padmesh Pandit, Ashish Bhatt, Hitesh Sampat, Tushar Joshi, Jayant Bhagvat, Vipra Raval, Disha Vakhani, Nisha, Tanvi
Director : Siddharth Joshi
Producer : Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

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