Thursday, 19 January 2017

Deepika Padukone looking Gorgeous at xXx The Return of Xander Cage Movie Promotion With Vin Diesel,

 Deepika Padukone has started promoting her upcoming Hollywood debut, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and the actor is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that she becomes the talk of the town.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Darpan Ni Aarpaar Gujarati Natak

Janeta Gujarati Natak

Ek Soneri Savar Gujarati Natak

Vaat Bahar Jaay Nahi - Gujarati Natak - Siddharth Randeria

Sacha Bola Joothalal Gujarati Natak

Chhanu Chamaklo Gujarati Natak

5 Star Aunty Gujarati Natak

Jalsa Kar Bapu Jalsa Kar Gujarati Natak Watch Online

Tame Fool Ame Colourful Gujarati Natak

Ramta Ramta Gamta Thai Re – Watch Gujarati Natak Online

Hukam nu Panu Mara Hath Ma – Gujarati Natak

Karvat Badle Lash – Gujarati Natak (Drama)

Ghar Ghar Ni Vaat – Gujarati Drama

Gharma Sali Roj Diwali – Gujrati Drama – Watch Online

Watch Gujarati Natak - Baa Retire Thai Che Gujarati Natak

A family drama where, a Baa (MOTHER ) has seen lot of hardship in life, for taking care of her family and bringing them up. After all the love and care she had given her children, she faces an unexpected behavior from them after their marriage which hurts her a lot. Her kids have started making a distance from her and avoid telling her about the happenings at home. The dominating bahu’s of the family too, have started misbehaving and do not give her any importance. This leads Baa to take a major step of splitting from her family i.e. retiring from the family. Watch out for this mesmerizing dramatic family drama and enjoy!

View Gujarati Natak - Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai

Dimple and Ashish are happily married, though Dimple suspects Ashish of having an affair with his secretary Roma. A sudden twist takes place in Dimple’s life, when her friend, Dr.Jigesh tells her that she is suffering from blood cancer and does not have much to live. Dimple wants to secure the future of her husband and child before she dies. She, therefore, decides to get Ashish married to Roma. How will Ashish react to Dimple’s this decision of getting him married? Will Ashish and Roma marry? Watch out for this dramatic stage play ‘Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai’ to know what happens further. Artists: Dilip Joshi, Dimple Shah, Pranoti Pradhan, Dilip Rawal, Mitil Jain, Ambika, Aruna Kumar, Aarti Dhruv, Shridhar Vastar. Writer: Aslam Parvez, Nilesh Rupapra Director: Vipul Mehta Music Director: Piyush Kanojiya Producer / Banner: Sanjay Goradia Production, Kaustubh Trivedi

View Gujarati Natak – Mara Varni Vahu Kon

nandbhai’s brother Rakesh gets married to Shilpa, after 5 years of his first wife Anjana’s death, in a plane crash. But, Anjana returns back home on the day, when Rakesh is getting married. The real drama begins when a khalifa sends a Belly Dancer as a gift to Anandbhai as he had saved his life in a military war some years ago, but is gifted to Rakesh by mistake. Now Rakesh is in trouble with three wives. On the other hand, Anandbhai’s sister Priti, is believed to be pregnant before marriage through her boyfriend and they want to get married in a quick ceremony. And the drama continues with a lot of adult comedy scenes in the play. Watch out for this play to know about more twists and turns taking place.

Watch Gujarati Natak Parnine Pastaya Online

Watch Parnine Pachtaya : Gujarati Comedy Natak. A comedy stage play that revolves around Madhur and his typical homemaker wife, Jaya. Madhur wants his wife, Jaya to look fashionable and be as romantic as him, but Jaya is a religious fanatic and bogged down with daily chores, who has no time for romance and refuses to oblige her husband. Madhur unhappy about this, has an affair with his secretary Rekha and also gets married to her. Suchak, who is Jaya’s best friend and her well-wisher, advices her to teach Madhur a lesson. Now, Jaya decides to pass on the entire household responsibilities to Rekha. Will Jaya ever succeed in teaching her husband a lesson? Will Rekha be able to handle the challenges in her new life? Will Madhur realize his mistakes? Enjoy this, comical drama ‘Parnine Pachtaya’!

Adele and Simon Konecki are said to be planning a UK wedding

However new reports claim that singer Adele has simply become engaged to her partner of five years, and is now planning a ceremony in the UK.

According to The Sunday People, the 28-year-old secretly agreed to wed her beau, 42, back in October - and while they were keen to marry this Christmas, their plans fell through.
 Logistics: The Sunday People reports the pair wanted to tie the knot this month, but it was too short notice for their families to get over to the States - where the couple are currently residing

Istanbul nightclub attack : 35 killed in open fire by gunman in santa's dress

 The gunmen appear to be wearing Santa costumes in CCTV footage
 The pair opened fire in the Reina nightclub, one of Istanbul's most popular venues
 The city's governor said 35 people were killed in the New Year's Eve attack
 A police officer is among the dead and one report said gunman was also dead
  An estimated 17,000 police officers are on duty tonight in Istanbul
 Nightclub owner Mehmet Kocarslan said security had been stepped up after US intelligence warnings
  The celebrity haunt is popular with stars including Kevin Costner, Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek and Sting
  The White House condemned the shooting as a 'horrific terrorist attack' 

A Whole Day In The Frozen Woods

It’s a rare occurrence when the forest is wearing such enchanting colors, so  jumped at the opportunity and get there to eternalize that.
The forest retained its beauty all day, because of the cold, -5 degrees Celsius. Only the narrow gauge broke the silence sometimes.

Beauty Of Fine Art Photography

The challenge of thinking and creating scenes is very big, difficult, but beautiful the same way.  The value of the photograph and work is then much higher. The preparation phase is long as the objects in photographs are real and made just to take the picture.