Friday, 5 July 2013

World's biggest building opens in China

 The world's largest building has opened in China capable of fitting 20 Sydney Opera Houses - or three Pentagons - inside. The New Century Global Center in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is a staggering 19million sq.ft. and contains shopping centres, a Mediterranean village, a water park, an ice-skating rink, and multiple hotels. However, visitors to the glass panelled building need not worry about the weather as the giant complex will have its own artificial sun.

The oldest siblings in the world

 Less than a year ago they earned a world-wide status for being the oldest siblings in the world. Now the secret to their long-lasting lives has been leaked, and it isn't quite what you might expect. Unlike other Mediterranean diets, which are rich in fresh fish and oily foods such as olives, the Melis siblings in Sardinia claim that a diet of regular minestrone meals has been their staple food stuff.

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China

 The Reed Flute Cave is a natural cave carved out of the karst limestone mountains over millions of years, and has been one of Guilin’s most famous attractions for over 1200 years. The cave got its name from the verdant reeds growing outside, which can be made into melodious flutes.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Exquisite Eggshell Carvings

 The 40-year-old self-taught artist from China’s Hebei Province can guide a knife across an egg’s thin shell to create amazing three-dimensional designs.

Dettifoss - The Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe

 The waterfall Dettifoss is located in Vatnaj√∂kull National Park in Northeast Iceland, and reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe. It is also the largest waterfall in Europe in terms of volume discharge, having an average water flow of 193 cubic meter per second. Its volume often increases, especially when the weather or volcanic activity prompts glacial melting on the Vatnajokull glacier icecap. The waterfall is so powerful that it makes the surrounding rocks vibrate, the vibrations can be felt by hand.