Monday, 4 March 2013

Thrihnukagigur: The Volcano That You Can Explore From Inside

 Thrihnukagigur volcano, located about 30km from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, has become the latest adventure tourism destination, because it is the only dormant volcano that allows regular access to its magma chamber.

In most cases, when a volcano erupts, the magma chamber is filled with lava which subsequently cools and hardens, blocking the entrance. But at Thrihnukagigur, it is believed the lava solidified through the walls or simply drained back to the depth of the earth. The magma chamber remained exposed and intact, making this a completely unique phenomenon to Thrihnukagigur.

The volcano last erupted some 4,000 years ago, leaving an opening of approximately 4×4 meters in diameter, leading to a bottle-shaped volcanic vault. The magma chamber is about 120m deep and measures 50x70m at the bottom. An Icelandic tourist operator now provides curious adventurists a chance to explore this ancient volcano inside out.

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