Thursday, 14 February 2013

Where is this lake?

 Dear friends,

Where is this lake? Italy, Japan, America, Or Australia?

The answer is surprising!!! Its in India!!!

This is Kankaria Lake Located in the heart of Ahmedabad. The Kankaria Lake has always been one of the often-visited spots in Ahmedabad and has been a part of Ahmedabad’s history since the 15th century. The lake and the surrounding areas drew families from all over the city as well as its surrounding areas and the sight of families relaxing and enjoying quality time together has never been rare in this landmark. Yet, over the years the development in around the Lake could not keep pace with the number of people visiting the area due to which cleanliness, environment or adequate facilities at the Lake suffered immensely.

All this changed when Shri Narendra Modi dawned the mantle of the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He became determined to alter the face of the Lakefront and turn it into a world-class spot that not only draws people from all over the world but also offers something exciting to people across all age groups.

Today, the Kankaria Lakefront Development Project stands completed and the grandeur and the charm that was lost over the years has returned to the Kankaria Lake. This can be attributed to the integrated one system approach of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) backed by the Gujarat Government, which not only reinforced the character of the public place but also turned it into an enriching experience. The project was taken up and executed in a remarkable span of 2 years by 2008.

The Kankaria Lakefront is also the site of the annual Kankaria Carnival that has been a major success for the last 4 years. The Carnival has become one of the most awaited events in Ahmedabad and every year there are a wide range of cultural programmes, performances, skits and competitions for people cutting across age groups. Shri Modi views it as an occasion to express love for Ahmedabad and its unique culture!

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