Thursday, 14 February 2013

The World's Most Expensive Car

 It's not made in Italy or Germany, not even in the United States or Japan. The world's most expensive car comes from non other than... Lebanon. This war torn little country has outdone itself and has managed to climb into the pages of history from the most unanticipated direction.

In an amazing move, a Lebanese company called W Motors has created the Lykan HypersSport car, which will be available for purchase this year and will break the record price tag with a record 3.4 million dollar asking price.
 The company developed the car for 6 years. And has exhibited it recently in a motor show in Qatar. The Lykan comes with a jaw shattering 750 horse power, can reach speeds of 395 kph (245 mph) and a 2.8 second acceleration from zero to 100 kph.

 Add to that a diamond coating on the front lights, a holographic 3D display screen, leather seats with gold stitches and other fun bonuses that explain this enormous price tag.

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