Thursday, 28 February 2013

ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY at Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Hollywood

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After the Fall of the Third Reich

Photos of Hitler’s bunker and the ruins of Berlin. 

 Hitler’s bunker, partially burned by retreating German troops and stripped of valuables by invading Russians.
Photos of Hitler’s bunker and the ruins of Berlin.
Photos of Hitler’s bunker and the ruins of Berlin.
Photos of Hitler’s bunker and the ruins of Berlin.
Photos of Hitler’s bunker and the ruins of Berlin.
Photos of Hitler’s bunker and the ruins of Berlin.

US Female Marines

 New standards shrink training gap between women and men

World’s First All-Diamond Ring Carved Entirely From Diamond

 Geneva-based Swiss jeweler Shawish has come up with a pure diamond made ring costing $70 million. This diamond ring weights 150 carats and it is carved entirely from one piece of diamond using laser and traditional cutting techniques. This ring is “The World’s First All-Diamond Ring” and was unveiled at Baselworld.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

VANESSA HUDGENS at the Spring Breakers Photocall in Madrid

Holocaust Photos

 These photos are frequently graphic and show a glimpse of the horrors of Nazi Germany’s Final Solution of the Jews during World War II.

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Most Amazing Subway Stations Of The World

The Drassanes Station, Barcelona

Drassanes is a Barcelona Metro station located underneath Portal de la Santa Madrona in El Raval, which is nowadays included in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona. It is named after the Drassanes Reials de Barcelona, the old shipyards of the city that currently hold the Museu Marítim de Barcelona, situated near the station. It is the closest station to the Port of Barcelona and one of the network's closest stations to the sea. The station was completely reformed in 2007 to make it more accessible by modernizing the platforms and installing elevators.

Katy Perry – World Parachuting Championships Closing Ceremony in Dubai

Friday, 22 February 2013

Newest and Coolest Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt

Six Coziest Winter Pools

SELENA GOMEZ at the Spring Breakers Photocall in Madrid

The Glide – the most beautiful iPhone dock ever is a bike

 “The Glide” is not only an awesome bike with an impressive design created by designer Michael Shrewsbury, it is also a the most beautiful iPhone dock ever. Integrating an iPhone dock, this bike let you use maps, GPS or music. With the dedicated application, this bike can send messages to other bikers to organize a group ride. Useless but beautiful!

Walks in the Roman Forum and the Palatine

 The Roman Forum and the surrounding historical sites occupy a vast area in the center of Rome. Nice to see that, despite the strong urbanization of the ages, it is interesting and valuable in terms of cultural and historical place is not rolled into the asphalt and not built near modern buildings.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Stunning Image of Dakar Desert Rally 2013

 The Peruvian Desert proves a big obstacle for some of the Dakar participants as the sand hinders their progress.

VANESSA HUDGENS at Premiere in Paris

Transparent Smartphone Gets Demonstrated on Video

Here's a first hands-on look at the transparent smartphone prototype by Taiwan-based Polytron Technologies. It utilizes Switchable Glass technology, which is basically a conductive OLED that uses liquid crystal molecules to display images. Continue reading to see more.

FREIDA PINTO at Burberry Prorsum Show London

Liquid Gold: World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

 When you’re charged AU$12,500 (£8,200) for a drink, you’d expect it to have gold in it. Wouldn’t you? The latest attempt at what might well be the world’s most expensive cocktail, does precisely that. Say hello to a new kind of liquid gold.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ileana At FilmFare Awards Function

Mila Kunis Mila Kunis- Oz The Great And Powerful - Premiere in Hollywood

Layout of Russia

 A real work of art called Grand Layout Russia, is in the Museum of St. Petersburg.
author hopes that his work will make a good impression on the visitors of the museum.
postponed in memory not just a microcosm of the country, and art passed a collective image of Russia.

View of Vinci, The Hometown Of Leonardo da Vinci

Vinci is a small medieval town, located in Tuscany, near Florence and Empoli, and best known as the hometown of Renaissance man and polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

Smart at Paris Motor Show 2012

Fully functional prototype of personal hover bike

 A kind of prototype of fully functional personal hover bike had been designed and made by the Aerofex, a California based American company. The power system of the hover bike consists of an engine and two ducted fans.

Beyonce's Gold Nails Cost £56 For Each

  They don't call her Queen B for nothing. She's just wrapped up one of the biggest performances of her career at the Super Bowl, and now she's ready to take on the world.
Dressed up to promote her Mrs. Carter Show world tour the 31-year-old songstress looks every inch the queen of pop with a billowing Victorian updo topped with a crown and golden royal-looking garb.
And it seems there was no expense spared for the stunning shots, with even her gold-tipped nails costing a staggering £560 - that's £56 for each nail.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Robotic Fish that can Travel Indefinitely to Collect Oceanic Data

Ocean is so vast that it is very expensive for researchers to dive in every time to collect data about it and to learn more about the species present in the depths of sea. In order to counter this challenge a group of researchers from Michigan University have developed a robotic fish that has the ability to travel almost indefinitely as claimed by researchers. However the robot is not yet fit for its expedition in sea and ocean but is practicable for gathering data on lakes and riverbeds.

Rolls-Royce at Paris Motor Show 2012

 Luxury and expensive for exclusive customers! Rolls-Royce came at Paris with exquisite models inspired by ART DECO

Lake Turkana - the largest lake in the desert

 Standing on the shore of Lake Turkana (also known as Lake Rudolf), you might think that you are on the beach - the waves roll on a sandy beach, strong winds, and fishing boats moore nearby. What you see is the world's largest permanent desert lake and largest alkaline lake with an area of ​​over 6000 square kilometers. Local people call the lake "Jade Sea" because of the special blue-green hue of the water.

The Future of Apple iPad Tablets [Concept Design]

 The new design concept for iPad has been intended by the designer Ricardo Afonso. Afonso provided a concept of transparent screens and ultimate sleekness. Engineers say that the following concept might be far-fetched but seems possible. The exquisite thinness and beauty will make you irresistible toward this concept. The new iPad is filled with exactly what you want along with most advanced processing features.  The only ambiguity is, if it is intended to be transparent than where are the working parts of this tablet?

Very Expensive Bathtub in Jakarta

 Once again, the Indonesian capital of Jakarta has been savaged by heavy floods reeling from torrential rain, which media reports said have left at least a dozen people dead and nearly 20,000 homeless.
Over the past few days, many roads inside and around the city were flooded stranding hundreds if not thousands of motorists.

Meet King's Landing in Minecraft

It seems in Minecraft, there are always some talented guys. No matter how difficult the project is, they can still finish it easily. Here are 100 guys from the USA who took 3 months to finish the King's Landing in Minecraft.
If you ever watched the drama "Game of Thrones", you must be familiar with the King's Landing. Now just let's have a look at this impressive polis in Minecraft.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

10 Largest Cities in the World

 Karachi – 22,100,100

Happy Valentines Day : Valentine Image

Where is this lake?

 Dear friends,

Where is this lake? Italy, Japan, America, Or Australia?

The answer is surprising!!! Its in India!!!

The World's Most Expensive Car

 It's not made in Italy or Germany, not even in the United States or Japan. The world's most expensive car comes from non other than... Lebanon. This war torn little country has outdone itself and has managed to climb into the pages of history from the most unanticipated direction.