Friday, 25 May 2012

Worlds Tallest Television Tower Tokyo Sky Tree

 The tower already broadcasts FM radio shows. Japanese television channels will start using it next year.
 ut these are only some of Tokyo Sky Tree’s functions. Apart from the traditional observation decks, the facility’s operators provide guided tours of the tower and information on the history of the adjacent district. Other facilities of the local shopping/entertainment center include an aquarium, a planetarium, as well as stores and restaurants.
 Those visiting the Tokyo Sky Tree will be able to take the elevator to an observation deck located 350 meters above the ground. A restaurant is also located there. Part of the observation deck also has a glass floor, so that visitors can see the city beneath their feet. 
 The best cooks are ready to delight connoisseurs at the tower’s restaurants.
 Tickets are already sold out and can only be booked after June. The tickets valid for the first few days after the official opening ceremony were sold out online in the first 30 minutes.
 About 400 employees responsible for receiving guests had to train every day for more than two months. This was done in order to anticipate all possible situations and to impress the guests so much that they would want to visit the tower again.
 The tower has a large shopping center where you can buy anything from souvenirs to fashionable clothes and accessories.
 The tower and its antenna are 634 meters tall. This is higher than China’s Guangzhou Tower, which stands no more than 600 meters tall.
 The exhibition halls combine history and new technologies. An ancient scroll depicting the Sumida River, near which the tower is located, was made using digital technologies and computer graphics.
 The tower has its own mascot, Sorakara-chan, a girl with a star-shaped head. A spiral observation gallery is located at a height of 445-450 meters.
 The construction project, which was launched in July 2008, involved 580,000 people and cost 65 billion yen ($816.5 million). 
The world’s tallest television tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, was opened to the public on Tuesday in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

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