Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Montegrappa limited edition cufflinks for Christmas gift

Montegrappa limited edition cufflinks for Christmas gift giving

Since 1912, Montegrappa is adding glory to the world of fine writing and now the Italian brand has added feather to the range of gentlemen accessories. Just few days before Christmas Montegrappa has launched two exclusive assortments of cufflinks that will complement the existing writing collections. So, matching your writing instrument with your cuff links is what will appeal to the discerning men. The collection features an assortment of cuff links designed to appeal to aficionados, just like the sartorial tastes the brand has been catering to with its writing instruments. Hit after jump to take your pick

1. Limited Edition Cufflinks

Just like their limited edition pens, Montegrappa cufflinks are made of high quality materials and are intricately designed for the high-end accessory lovers. Crafted by the brand’s skilled craftsmen the cufflinks are created in sterling silver and 18 karat gold. The design of limited edition Montegrappa 'Chaos' pen that was designed by Sylvester Stallone has been used as cufflinks in the limited edition collection. Designs are crafted in form of silver and gold dragon, skull, microphone, ying yang etc. the Chaos cufflinks resembles to the skull cuff-links designed by Ralph Lauren few months ago.

2. NeroUno Lifestyle Cufflinks

NeroUno lifestyle cufflinks are made from steel and feature a unique revolving device at the end of a curved arm. These cufflinks are also available in PVD gun metal and PVD rose gold finishes with exclusive trappings. The PVD cufflinks are made of resin cabochon or onyx and tiger-eye faces and rims engraved with the Montegrappa signature. These special edition cuff links are encrusted with semi precious stones. The cufflinks are easy to wear and fits perfectly in the button hole.

Both the ranges are presented in fine wooden boxes and will make a perfect gift for that special someone on your Christmas gift lis.

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