Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Strict new mortgage rules will make Deram harder for homes

 Hundreds of thousands of homeowners may be barred from using their home as a piggy bank to pay off debts under tough new rules.

Previous 14 Most Beautiful Jellyfish on Earth

 Flower hat jellyfish

Jellyfish have always drawn gasps at their beauty - and at times their venom which range from mild, to enough to kill a man. Found in every ocean and in some freshwater lakes and rivers, the jellyfish is one of the wonders of marine life. Join me as we look at 14 of the most beautiful! 

Individual Country Designs at the United Buddy Bears Exhibition

United Buddy Bear Exhibition promotes living together in peace and harmony of the whole world and the first exhibition started back in 2002 in Berlin. Every country is performed by individual bears created by their artists. The Buddy Bears stand together hand in hand to symbolize the unity and peace of the world. About €1,800,000 has been donated (state in November 2011) in aid of UNICEF and and local children’s relief organisations.

Condo Sale Sets Record for San Francisco

 The sale of a bank-owned San Francisco penthouse apartment closed Friday for $28 million, what local brokers say is a record condominium sale in San Francisco.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

How To Tell If Jewelry Is Fake

The best way to ensure that the jewelry you buy is real is to only purchase it from reputable companies. Do some price comparisons before purchasing. Just like with any other product, if one price seems excessively low, it’s for a reason. If you do end up with jewelry that you are skeptical of, the best way to determine its authenticity is to get it appraised professionally. Yes, it will cost you even more money, but it’s the most accurate way to find a fake. If this option is out of the question (or you’re just curious about how testing of jewelry is done), there are several ways to examine the jewelry for authenticity on your own. Find out how below.